Test for Life

In this project, I was given a basic engine from Howest (Overlord Engine). During each week of the course, I had to implement certain addon's for the engine, like dynamic shadow mapping. I designed the game with an old horror movie in my mind and a concept based on the saw movies. So the player needs to complete a series of tasks within the given time/health. These tasks vary from action decision to a small riddle. Sadly enough, the capture software wasn't optimal for this game since it couldn't handle the noise post-processing shader that well. That's why the demo video isn't optimal quality. I also have a link to an example of how I have written the cloth class.

Notable Contributions

  • Day Cycle with Dynamic Shadow maps
  • Cooked Collisions
  • PostProcessing Pass
  • Particle System
  • CPU/GPU skinning
  • Shader implementation
  • HUD
  • Sound Engine
  • Render Pipeline


  • Visual Studios
  • Overlord Engine
  • C++
  • HLSL
  • DirectX
  • PhysX
  • FMOD