Bubble Shooter

I worked on this ongoing mobile game for iOS and Android in a team of 20+ people at the nice and welcoming company of Wooga. It was a bubble shooter with a unique twist, physics. Here I improved my communication skills between different departments to align our ideas and be able to hit our 2 weekly build updates. I had the ability to aid and pick up knowledge from my team while developing new features, optimize existing ones and rework older ones that were not so successful after A/B testing and data analysis. Here are the download links for Android and iOS.

Notable Contributions

  • Porting to Landscape Mode
  • Features: Pixies/Mini-Canon/Hedgehog
  • Optimized Physics Sensor(6x improved)
  • Reworked the Basics for Bubble Selection
  • Reworked Loading Screens and Tutorials
  • Animations by Tweening


  • Unity
  • Rider IDE
  • Pivotal Tracker
  • GitHub
  • Jenkins