Passion. Knowledge. Work.

Bubble Island 2 (Unity/C#) Jump a Boat (Unity/c#) Delirious Deicide (Unity/C#)
A physics bubble shooter that I worked on during 18 weeks of my internship at Wooga An experimental group project with 4 people during the course of 12 weeks A puzzle game made in unity with three people. We worked on this project for 12 weeks.

A.I. Research (Unity/C#) NormalMapper (WPF/C#) Rollercoaster Builder (Unity/C#)
This was research I did for A.I. in a basic top down shooter. A simple game was written around my researched A.I. and the concepts were noted in a paper This is a tool made for converting images/height maps to normal maps Inspired by rollercoaster tycoon I made a spline coaster builder

CHIP8 Emulator (C++) Graphics Prog (C++/DirectX) Contra Remake (C++)
A project I did to learn a little bit more about low-level programming to recreate old hardware. In this project I added features to a bare bones game engine from school with the help of the directX, physX and Fmod libraries A remake of the game Contra in C++ in a 2D engine